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Storage League

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Buy Lockers - Find Treasure! Do you have the insight to see the true value of a virtual storage unit? Are you tired of competing with boring NPCs? Looking for more challenging players?- Single Player Campaign & Local Multiplayer Matches - 20,000 Lockers to Discover, with Rare and Unique Items- 27 Locations to Unlock across North America- 15 Opponents with Unique Personalities- 9 Skills to Learn- Online social leaderboards and achievements Multiplayer mode: Play just like on the TV shows! Storage League is the first multiplayer storage auction game which allows you to compete not just with NPCs but also with your friends and family members over the same wifi network.
Single player campaign mode: 12 month campaign with unique unlockable locations, new challenging opponents and unlockable skills.
Multicast permission is needed for local multiplayer mode. Find/use accounts permission is needed for leaderboards/achievements.
In Single player mode, each league season is 12 months long. Try to get as many league points as possible to raise your ranking. You will be competing against a roster of computer controlled characters who have unique personalities and skills. Ask yourself: Does their bidding match your thoughts on the locker's value? If you think the competition is bidding too high, let them have the locker and enjoy seeing how much they lost on the locker. Just remember to look through the auction summaries and check the value of each item. This will help you in the future. Be sure to understand your opponents or you will be sorry.
When you start a new game in Storage League, you will have $25,000 bidding money to start with. Be sure not to spend your money too quickly. Not all lockers are a good buy. This is Storage League for the big boys and not a Storage Game. It takes time to convert your inventory into cash. You can choose to take a discount to sell your goods quickly or to sell at a premium price if time is not a concern.
You will be traveling throughout different areas of North America in Storage League, with a major focus on the West Coast of North America. As you collect enough league points and cash, you may travel to different areas and search for your riches and glory. Just remember, it is a long drive from north to south. Be sure you have enough money for the gas and the registration fee for each location.
As you advance to different rankings, new skills will be unlocked in order for you to face your rivals and challenges. During game play, you can pay to look through each storage locker in advance. Search for hidden objects that you think are valuable. Don't expect to get rich on the first try, but observation is your key to success. Cash is not your only weapon, but insight, courage, and strategy are your greatest weapons to outbid your opponents in Storage League. You have an option to purchase skills that can be used before or during the auction. Just remember, riches and glory may not go together very often in this game.
In Storage League Multiplayer mode, you can have a maximum of four guests (plus the host) in the game. You can use Wi-Fi to connect with each other. You can choose how many rounds to play, with each round consisting of up to five lockers. As in the single player campaign, you can preview the lockers and plan your strategy. You can also choose to have NPC players in your group. This is a fun game and a lot like the TV shows, with or without the arguing.
In Storage League, the contents of every locker and where they are located in the room are random. You may find items that are unique, and you may require multiple playthroughs to find everything. Are you ready to become the next Lock Star?